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Pricing for load cells, wire tension meters and other force sensors

How much does a load cell cost?

At SP, we get asked that question many times every day, but the answer is nearly always different. There are many factors to consider before providing an existing or prospective customer with an accurate cost for a specific solution.

Firstly, do you want to measure load or force in tension or compression?

If you want to measure in tension how do you want to attach the load to the load cell?

Often, a set of shackles from manufacturers such as Crosby or GN Rope will be used to rig our loadlink or dynamometer-style load cells. In other applications headroom is limited so a load shackle solution will be required rather than a loadlink.

(It’s probably becoming clear why one size never fits all in the world of load cells.)

If you are measuring in compression—perhaps weighing a large item such as an offshore jacket—how many load cells do you need to spread the load across the module? Further, what data do you need to capture? Total weight, individual weight or centre of gravity? SP has software that can calculate all of this in real time!

Most SP load cells are wireless and you have a choice of a handheld display or software that can be installed on a Windows tablet or laptop. Data logging and proof test certification are possible with SP software solutions.

Another important consideration is the environment where the load cell will be used. Temperature, rain and humidity are just a few key factors. Maybe the load cell will be submerged and used subsea. If so, what depth will it be submerged to? And for how long?

We have a team of load monitoring specialists and state-of-the-art systems that calculate prices quickly and efficiently contact us now and let us take the load.

Safety, efficiency and value below-the-hook, or elsewhere, are best achieved by selecting the right tool for the application in hand.
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Pricing information is available quickly upon request. Straightpoint guarantee to provide fairly priced, professional system and monitoring products and services.

To receive a detailed current price list for load cells, load links and other force sensors for sale, complete our fast response form (right). Please describe more detailed or specific requirements and we will also be in touch to propose suitable load / force measurement options and solutions.
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Load systems quotation services
As well as well-priced load cell / force sensor products for sale, our engineering team can arrange professional assessments and quotes for development of complete load monitoring and force measurement systems. It is possible to discuss your requirements with our experienced engineers before reaching any pricing, estimate or consultancy agreements.
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