Integral display v no display wireless loadlinks

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Straightpoint’s (SP) world renowned range of loadlinks, used for load monitoring, are split into three distinct categories:

integral v wireless

  • Wireless tension load link (Radiolink plus) used with SP's wireless hand control or bluetooth via iOS or Android device
  • Cabled tension loadlink (digital dynamometer) with integral display (Loadlink plus
  • Cabled tension loadlink for use with an SP Handheld controller (Wirelink plus)

SP have designed their wireless loadlinks to not include an integrated display and include a separate non-wireless range that do.

Here are our reasons why:

1. The display tempts the operator to come closer to the dynamometer and the load to read it – this can compromise the operator’s safety by having them within a dangerous area around the lift. It is better to be at a safe distance away using the remotely connected handheld or smartphone with our Bluetooth apps installed.

2. The on-board display needs the extra power to keep it running and so can kill the on-board  all Handheld Plusbattery life from 1200hrs to less than 100hrs.Generally the display is the number one reason for repairs made on the loadcell.

3. It is susceptible to damage from knocks from rough handling that can crack the screen or break parts of the internal componentry.

4. Working in hazardous areas, SP have developed the Radiolink plus into an intrinsically safe wireless load cell, with a range of 700m/2300m, ensuring safety at a distance

However it is advantageous to use an SP cabled loadlinks (also know as a digital dynamometer) that has an integral display during certain applications such as line tensioning or when the worker needs to be close-up to perform hands on tasks/operations.

One good specific example would be using one with a tripod lifter where a worker uses a crank to lift the load. By its design the tripod lifter needs close hands-on operation to use it, allowing the worker to be close enough to the load cell display to read it.  

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