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Calibration Service

Measure Safely and Accurately - Keep your loadcells in top condition.
Straightpoint's Calibration and Repair industrial facility, serving all countries worldwide, is equipped with load cell calibration test rigs up to 350t/770,000lbs.
UKAS Accredited Calibration is available at the UK facility for tension loadcells up to 50te.

Tension Load Cells

High quality load cells and load pins from the world-leading force sensor manufacturer, renowned for excellent engineering and accuracy. more...

Load Shackles

Load cell shackles for lifting applications in many types of industry worldwide – and is a specialist supplier to the lifting and rigging industries. more...
compression loadcells

Compression Load Cells

Straightpoint compression load cells are manufactured to the same stringent standards as all Straightpoint products. more...

Crane Scales

Heavy duty crane scales weigh loads and assess lifting forces to ensure safe, effective and commercially successful crane operations. more...


Associated-Wire-Rope-FabricatorsAssociated Wire Rope Fabricators. Membership covers the spectrum of the lifting & rigging.


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