Towbar Load Cell - Towcell

Towbar load cell TowCellStraightpoint has developed a 25kN, wireless tension load cell specifically engineered for the emergency services, salvage and 4 x 4 industries. The Towcell® allows for increased safety and the avoidance of costly overloads by providing real-time monitoring of tensile towing forces during recovery, clearance and salvage efforts. The Towcell® is rugged, lightweight, compact and can be installed, with ease, onto any tow bar, whether it’s a standard 52mm or 2” ball or pin assembly and is ready to use in seconds.

Modelled after Straightpoint’s best-selling Radiolink plus, the Towcell® is constructed of high quality aircraft grade aluminium, featuring an advanced internal design structure providing the product with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio, and allowing for the use of a separate internal sealed enclosure. This internal sealed enclosure provides the internal electronic components with IP67/NEMA 6 waterproof environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing.

towbar with towel riggedEasily sourced AA alkaline batteries offer massive battery life of 1200 hours, and the Towcell® utilises an unbreakable internal antennae. Towcell® loads can be displayed on Straightpoint’s rugged and versatile SW-HHP handheld display, or viewed and simultaneously data logged with a Windows tablet via Straightpoint’s SW-MWLC software package.
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  • Unique design to fit any standard 2” tow-hitch
  • Lightweight
  • 90dB Audible overload alarm
  • Unmatched battery life of 1200hrs
  • Waterproof IP67/NEMA6
  • Internal antennae
  • Compact size
  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless communication
  • Design validated by F.E.A.
  • Vehicle load monitoring
  • Emergency services
  • Rescue & Salvage
  • 4 x 4 Events

  • Proof test certificate
  • Operator Manual
  • Carry/Storage Case


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