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Wireless Accessories

Our range of wireless accessories may be used with the load cells:
Radiolink Plus, Compound Plus, Wireless Loadshackle and Wireless Compression Load Cell ranges.
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SW-OAM - Wireless overload alarm module

Wireless overload alarm module

Supplied with an audiovisual alarm, the SW-OAM can be
programmed to any Straightpoint wireless loadcell to
monitor loads. Then at a preset point the alarm will activate
and open or close a >240VAC, 5 amp relay. Ideal for use in a
wireless overload detection system. 110-240VAC.

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SW-A01i - Wireless base station with analogue output

Wireless base station with analogue output

Provides a configurable analogue output for the range of
Straightpoint wireless loadcells and is housed in
IP65/NEMA4 housing for industrial installation.
The output can be selected from the pre-calibrated voltage
and current ranges. 0-10Volts, ±10Volts,0-5Volts, ±5Volts,
0-20mA, 4-20mA. Useful for integrating with a PLC.

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SW-SO - Serial output ASCII string module

Serial output ASCII string module

This module generates a programmable RS232 serial
output ASCII string which can include data from up to 8
Straightpoint wireless load cells as well as optionally sum
them. The output is suitable for connecting to many
devices that require simple serial RS232 input.

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RDCP - Desktop controller


Desktop controller

Wireless Windows-based software that allows the
operator full remote control of the loadcell.
Can be set to datalog (time/date and load) into a
spreadsheet by user input time interval (min 3 hertz).
A spare USB port is required.


SW-MWLC - Multiple wireless load cell controller software


Multiple wireless load cell controller software

This software for Windows PC's allows up to 24 of our
wireless loadcells to be viewed and logged cable free to
a CSV file. You can configure the number of loadcells
(max 24), and set extra channels to sum data or record
peaks etc.
These configurations can be saved and re-loaded at any time.

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Wireless slave display

125mm/5" high red LED slave display that will wirelessly
display the load on a Radiolink. Suitable for mounting on
a crane gantry, requires mains power. 110-240VAC.

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 SW-SB - Wireless signal booster

Wireless signal booster

The SW signal booster module will enable the SW range
of wireless loadcells to span around obstacles or increase
range or coverage.

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 SW-SB - Wireless signal booster

Modbus RTU/ASCII Gateway

The SW-GW1 is a Modbus interface gateway that provides a simple interface allowing users to gather data from Straightpoint Wireless devices using either the standard Modbus RTU protocol or a simple ASCII protocol.

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