Loadshackle -  Wireless/Telemetry, Cabled, Subsea and ATEX/IECEx - In Stock

loadshacklesLoadshackles are a robust and effective means of measuring tensile loads in a variety of applications.

Built to withstand the demands of challenging environments, SP loadshackles are ideal for compact and reliable lifting and weighing operations across all industry sectors including oil & gas, marine, subsea, construction and military.

They are available as wireless/telemetric or cabled, the latter option usually preferred when the shackle is to be fitted subsea to a mooring or tie-down.

Manufactured from premium brand and globally recognised shackle manufacturers such as Crosby, GN Rope and Van Beest SP loadshackles are rated at 5:1 and supplied in a carry case or shipping crate with a certificate of proof test and calibration with a two-year warranty. Every product is shipped with a custom machined rotating load bobbin that acts to centralise and evenly distribute the load across the shackle pin.

Straightpoint Loadshackle Range

Loadshackles in stock from 3.25t to over 500t
IP67 / NEMA6 environmental protection
700m or 2300ft wireless range
1200-hour battery life for wireless version
Submersible or subsea versions available with SubConn
Cable output options such as 4-20mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, ±10 V, CANbus, RS485

sp wireless load shackle in proof test

Photo left: SP wireless loadshackle used here in a proof test.

Straightpoint is an international company that distributes high quality, advanced technology Loadshackle sensors, transducers and systems to many countries across the world – and is a specialist supplier to the lifting and rigging industries.

All our load cells, tension, compression and loadshackles are in stock and available for purchase from our offices UK and USA as well as from our partners worldwide, click here to find your local office

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