Stage Safe Load Monitor

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Wireless or Wired Load Monitor Tension Load Cell - StageSafe

load monitor stagesafeStageSafe is a 3t capacity load cell designed exclusively for the entertainment industry. Offering the accuracy of a load cell (0.3% of applied load) while retaining the best headroom possible (129mm/5”) its matt black finish blends in perfectly as part of the stage rigging ensuring there are no distractions from the stage.

StageSafe boasts a unique switching feature allowing it to be used as a wireless or wired load cell.

Wireless mode allows simple, cable-free load monitoring and overload protection across the entire rigging setup and up to 100 StageSafe load cells may be monitored and logged real time on a tablet or laptop using our SW-MWLC software.

Wired mode gives the reassurance and dependability of a cabled load cell meaning it is suitable for show-critical events. The data can then be relayed to a single handheld display or to a PLC or external controller via our range of accessories.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.StageSafe shares the industry-leading specifications of other Straightpoint wireless products – 1200 hour battery life, 700 metre / 2300ft wireless range and accuracy you can depend on.
*Not supplied with shackles



  • Compact and light - Perfect for stage riggers dealing with limited space
  • Matt black finish - Disappears into stage rigging for zero audience distraction
  • Unique wired and wireless capability via a simple toggle switch - One load cell for both show-critical events (wired) and more general weighing/monitoring (wireless)
  • Lighter, more compact cabling - Eliminates overly heavy and chunky cabling and gives stage riggers a more portable solution
  • User configurable overload alarms in both wired and wireless modes - Easy to set on site for simple overload protection
  • Constructed from high strength alloy steel - For best strength to size ratio
  • Accepts standard shackles - StageSafe boasts a unique switching feature allowing it to be used as a wireless or wired load cell.
  • Stage
  • Theatre
  • Entertainment
  • Applications where a wireless or wired solution is required

  • Proof test certificate
  • Operator Manual
  • Carry/Storage Case

  • Specifications

    StageSafe specifications

    stagesafe specs

    stagesafe specs

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