S Beam Load Cell


Tension and Compression load cell - S Beam

A range of stainless steel ‘S’ beam load cells from 100kg to 5t.
The Straightpoint ‘S’ Beam range of tension/compression load cells are suitable for smaller Silo, vessel and tank weighing applications or for building into OEM projects, testing machines etc.


S Beam |Tension & Compression Load Cell

straightpoint s beam load cell
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  • Fully sealed up to IP65/NEMA4X
  • High Accuracy
  • High Endurance
  • Built in Overload Protection
  • High Capacity / Low Capacity
  • Compact designs available for tight environment
  • In both Tension and Compression
  • Single Point Construction

Hardwired, they are supplied with a 10m/30ft cable and can be connected to the Straightpoint range of accessories such as the Handheld plus.

The 'S' beam loadcell can be used in both tension or compression and has a threaded hole at each end making it a very flexible solution.
Fitting options available including threaded bar, rod end bearing and eyebolts.

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S Beam is ideal for the following applications:

Force Measurement in tension & compression | Engine dynomometers | OEN Projects

All S Beam load cells are supplied with the following as standard:

  • Proof test certificate
  • Operator Manual
  • Carry/Storage Case


Wired Compression Load Cell - Accessories

loadcell-datalogging-softwareDesktop Controller datalogging software package.

The desktop controller datalogging software allows you to view and control (tare, peak hold etc) live loads on the PC screen and log the data into a .CSV file at a speed of up to 10Hz. You may also record a single reading into a Microsoft Word .doc (useful for test certificates etc)
The package comes in two formats:
Wireless Version Part Number: RDCP
For connection to Radiolink plus. Kit comprises:
1 x CD with software and manual.
1 x USB wireless transmit/receive module to plug into PC
Suitable for use on PC's running Windows 98, XP, Vista or Win7.

Cable version available on application.


Handheld Plus

Features tare, peak hold and four units of measure kg,t,kN & lbs.
Fully featured handheld display for all non-radio Straightpoint load cell and crane scale products.
Our hanndheld plus can also be connected to any other manufacturers load cell products.

External Amplifier

External Amplifier

SA-3420 external amplifier allows you to convert the output of any of our cabled loadcell products into a three wire 4-20mA analogue output. The weatherproof enclosure is fitted with stainless steel glands and is suitable for connection to a PLC, data logger or other instrumentation.

2yr warranty

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